Mulitexport Foods’ most important commitment is to always produce safe products. Our clients can be completely sure that the products they placing on their table are wholesome and reliable.


To guarantee this high standard, we have developed a complete tracing system that allows us to quickly and efficiently obtain the detailed history of each one of our products.


Through a code, we can obtain such specific information as the origin of the roe and the breeding stock, the geographical location where the fish were cultivated, the products or materials used during the whole value chain, the transports that were used, the location and system used for harvest, the processing plant, the product’s storage, customs procedures, distribution and even its final customers.


The safety of our products is covered from beginning to end.

Certificación ASC
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Politica de Calidad,
Mediambiente y SSO.

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Certificación BAP
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Certificados ISO
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Certificación Global GAP
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IFS Food - BRC
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